Want to sell your house? First impressions count.

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It may be a cliché, but first impressions really do count. Not least when it comes to selling houses. Yes, practicalities play a part, but buying a home is an emotional decision, so if your property is on the market and you want to ensure a speedy sale then creating a good first impression helps enormously.

As you can imagine, the Home Finders team gets to see lots of houses which gives us plenty of experience in assessing first-time vibes. So here’s our checklist for making a great first impression and creating that wow factor.

  1. Front door and garden. Your front door is the first thing that potential buyers will see. Be sure that it’s freshly painted, with hanging baskets or planters alongside the door. Most importantly, make sure that everything surrounding the front of your property is clean and tidy, and on stepping inside there’s no obstacle course.
  2. Kitchen. The kitchen is the hardest working room in the house and needs to be organised, tidy and clean. And this should go without saying, but dirty dishes don't leave a good impression!
  3. Clean those windows. Not only will gleaming windows instantly look more attractive and demonstrate how well cared for your home is, they also create a brighter space, letting more light in. Two storeys or more and you may need to contact a professional but for a small investment you could reap dividends instantly.
  4. Decorate: Gloss paint has made a comeback as it bounces light around and makes small spaces really uplifted. Take stock of your furniture and decorations and give them a fresh lease on life if you need to.  
  5. Change wardrobe and doorknobs – low-cost, high impact changes! Clear out clothes you do not wear anymore and keep your wardrobe neat and tidy as potential buyers might have a peak inside! 
  6. Carpets: One of the most important tips. If your carpets are marked, then have them cleaned or change them. 
  7. Tidy, tidy, tidy! Make your bed, pull back the curtains, put your clothes away! Don’t leave too much lying around the house as it highlights a lack of storage. And take those muddy football boots out of the hall and put them in the garage or in a cupboard.
  8. Smarten up those green spaces. An unkept lawn speaks volumes and suggests that the property as a whole needs some much needed TLC. Trimming back shrubbery is a quick winner. Do some weeding and pruning before adding fresh flowers or plants to planters and hanging baskets for added colour and interest.
  1. Say it with flowers. Flowers are beautiful in themselves and give any house a fresh, appealing feel. Making your home a green-fingered wonderland is easier than you might think – dedicate a specific corner of one of your rooms to create an array of flower displays or create a walkway full of draping flowers and plants.
  2. We’ll say it again, tidy, tidy, tidy! Too many personal possessions or belongings can be distracting and create the impression there is a lack of space. Be ruthless, and if you’re not going to use it again sell it, give it away, give it to charity, recycle it or bin it.

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