What makes a great estate agent in Swindon?

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When people decide to sell a property in Swindon they are always faced with one initial question that is absolutely vital - which estate agent to use?

In Swindon there are literally dozens of estate agents to choose from, from national chains to one-man operations to established local firms like Home Finders.

So, what are the characteristics you should look for in an estate agent? Here at Home Finders we believe the following are crucial.

A good estate agent in Swindon should be curious. The vast majority of what you hear from your agent at first should be questions, not a sales pitch. That’s how they get to know you and your needs – a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.

A good estate agent in Swindon should be honest. The best estate agents are the ones who worry about the long-term relationship and the ones who have strong ethics with the ability to be completely honest with you.

A good estate agent in Swindon is an expert communicator. Being an expert communicator means being there for your clients and providing regular feedback and progress reports. There is nothing more frustrating for clients than having to chase up their estate agent to find out what’s happening. Informing people, even if it’s to say that there’s been no update, makes a potentially stressful situation less stressful.

A good estate agent in Swindon should have a strong work ethic. To be truly successful, an agent must be willing to work harder than their peers.

A good estate in Swindon should be experienced. There's so much data, information and options on the internet, it's easy to educate yourself on the basics. Having someone who understands the nuances through years of experience is key to successful transactions.

A good estate agent in Swindon should be responsive. No matter how busy agents are, the good ones always make time for their clients. Great agents make their clients feel like the most important people in the world instead of just working the deal and moving on.

A good estate agent in Swindon should be a good valuer. The best estate agents won’t tell you what you want to hear to get your business, they will value your property accurately based on their experience of the market.

A good estate agent in Swindon has to be tech savvy. Estate agents equipped with the latest technology in their business practices can offer modern solutions, whether that comes to marketing your property or processing your sale.

A good estate agent in Swindon will pay attention to detail. Estate agents spend a huge amount of time on the details. Whether that’s comparing housing prices, reviewing the fine print in contracts, or considering the client’s wish list, they’ve got to be comfortable with “the little stuff.”

A good estate agent will be enthusiastic. Estate agency often requires long hours - early mornings, late evenings, and busy days. They need to be there when their client, the seller, needs them. In order to be successful at estate agency, you’ve got to be enthusiastic about it.

A good estate agent in Swindon has their finger on the pulse. Keeping up to date with market trends is essential to matching buyers with sellers in Swindon and beyond.

A good estate agent in Swindon has loyal customers. Great estate agents who have been in the business for years are infallibly honest, trustworthy and reliable, and they have a wide network of previous clients who refer family members, friends and colleagues to them by word of mouth.

The award-winning Home Finders estate agents have unparalleled expertise and experience in the housing market in Swindon and the surrounding area. We have an incredibly loyal client base which we would like to think reflects the fact that we have all of the above characteristics.


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