Why growing your Swindon property portfolio makes sense

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No two Home Finders landlords are alike. Some have a large portfolio of properties and make a full-time living from their investment. Others have just one or two properties and use the income to top up their salary or pension.

At Home Finders we manage rental properties for all types of landlord. However many properties our landlords have, they want the same thing from us: happy tenants who pay the rent on time; maintenance issues dealt with swiftly and efficiently; our guidance to keep them compliant with relevant legislation; void periods kept to a minimum.

The landlords with one or two properties can often be ‘accidental landlords’. There was no initial masterplan, but maybe they inherited a house or apartment and chose to keep it as an investment.

In the past many of the ‘accidental landlords’ would come to appreciate the longer-term benefits of owning properties to rent and decided to grow their rental portfolio.

Despite some unfavourable tax changes in recent years (for example, the ending of tax relief on buy-to-let mortgages), investing in property can still be a relatively secure long-term investment, especially with interest rates on savings being so low.

Why do landlords and investors grow a portfolio of properties?

Rising monthly income

There aren't many (legal!) ways to earn money every month without working more hours. With a team of property professionals like Home Finders managing your properties, you can reap the rewards of the monthly rental income with minimal impact on your own personal life. And rental incomes are rising; 9.1 per cent in the last year alone in the UK. Even better in terms of rental yield, Swindon is part of the South West where average rents have risen the most in monetary terms, up by £127 a month to £917 compared to March 2020. 

Alternative to savings

When it’s time to retire, you will hopefully have pensions and savings to live on. But once you've spent your savings, that money is gone for ever. Imagine that you also had a monthly income that doesn't stop once you've spent it but carries on for the rest of your life? Suppose one rental property gives you a £600 per month net income. That’s nice, but if you had say, half a dozen properties like that you could live comfortably for the rest of your life without any money worries.

Capital appreciation

This is when the property's value increases during the time you own it. By holding on to a property that is now worth more than when you purchased it, you can generate a considerable sum of equity.

Purchasing a property may not make you wealthy overnight, but over the years, it certainly could. The largest five-year increase came between 1985 to 1990, when average house prices increased by 109 per cent. Analysis by the Halifax has revealed that the average price of a home has risen by an incredible 207 per cent in the last 20 years.

More recently, data released by the ONS revealed that UK house prices increased by nearly 10% in the year to March 2022.

There are occasional slumps, for example after the financial crash of 2007/2008, but in the long term the UK trend has always been upwards.

Capital appreciation is especially evident when the market is buoyant, as has been the case in the last couple of years. As an example, imagine that you own a rental property in Swindon that was worth £200,000 two years ago. And you rented it out, giving you a monthly income of £650 after fees.

Over the last two years the property value will have increased to some £220,000, so your investment has risen by £20,000! Plus the rent would have increased to £750 per month. A more than satisfactory return.

But let's say you have five of those rental properties. They've all increased by 20,000. Result? You now have a £100,000 equity increase in your properties without lifting a finger!

Property investments are an excellent way to ensure that you will generate an income long after you've retired. But increasing the number of properties you own is the way to create real wealth for you and your family for generations to come.

With the help of your friendly lettings experts and property management team at Swindon's highly experienced Home Finders, you can do it all without any stress, as we take care of all the day-to-day issues.

If you’re thinking of embarking on a property investment journey in Swindon or would like to know more about how to grow your own portfolio, please get in touch with me on 01793 299180 or Sue@swindonhomefinders.com.

Sue Gidney

Sue Gidney, Managing Director, Home Finders

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