Why marketing a property early in the New Year is a good idea

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People often think that December and January are a quiet period in the property market calendar and hold off selling until spring, yet stats show that putting your house up for sale at this time of year can pay dividends.

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is fast approaching and before you know it, you’ll be with your family on Christmas morning opening all your lovely presents.

But, if your property remains unsold (or you are thinking of going onto the market) going into the Christmas period, should you leave it on the market or take it off and go back later in the year?

Each estate agent will have their own opinion on this, but ours is simple…. Leave it on!

Why? Well, put simply, Boxing Day is the busiest day of the year for online property searches. On Boxing Day last year, there were over 25 million page views on rightmove.co.uk.

In fact, the number of post-Christmas home buyers to browse for properties on Rightmove increases every year, with visits on Boxing Day last year 54% higher than the previous year. Needless to say, most of these potential buyers will keep looking as Christmas recedes in the rear-view mirror.

The Christmas break is a time when buyers will have a lot of time, time they will likely use to browse online together for potential houses to view in the New Year and if your property isn’t on the market, they won’t see it.

Also, if you take your property off the market, like many other sellers will do, and go back on later in the year, you will be competing with lots of other properties when you re-launch, the ones that come off over Christmas AND the ones that are waiting until the New Year to go on.

It may seem unusual to sell a house over the festive period and in January, however, the property market is very much still active at this time of the year.

People have more free time and motivation to make a change in time for the New Year, so it can be a great time to buy and sell.

Once Christmas Day is done and Boxing Day leftovers are eaten, what do people looking for a New Year move do? They start looking for a new home. Don’t miss the opportunity to sell your house as 2022 hits its groove - what could be nicer than viewing a very festive home?”

But why is this period so busy? One reason could be due to the new phones and tablets that people are often gifted at Christmas.

It is also one of the few holidays that the family spend all together and most likely at home. This means that any discussions about viewings and a move can be had with all the decision makers present. With the upcoming New Year, there's no better fresh start than a new home.


Winter Weather 

Spring is a popular time to buy and sell, but winter has its benefits, too. Sometimes stepping into a bright, warm, cosy home on a bitterly cold day or drizzly evening can have just as positive an effect as viewing a property on a warm summer day.

Try to arrange viewings in the daylight. If you arrange a viewing after work at 6pm, you won’t get the true experience of the property, especially if there are grounds to explore. It is important to view them before the night draws in.

Don't wait until spring

It is not essential to wait until Spring to sell. Most sellers wait until spring and then there is more supply and more competition. By selling your home over the festive period and in the early months of the year, you may be more likely to achieve a better selling price than you would trying to sell against the flurry of stock in the spring market.

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