Meet the Home Finders lettings team.

Get to know the lettings agents and property professionals at Swindon Home Finders.

Sue Gidney

Managing Director 01793 299180

Susan Leeburn

Director of Sales 01793 299202

Mandy Sweeney

Lettings Manager 01793 299181

Debbie Reay

Senior Negotiator 01793 299182

Sarah Taylor

Property Inspector 01793 299183

Zosia Blackburn

Property Manager 01793 299184

Joe Carpenter

Property Manager 01793 299186

Sharon Carpenter

Finance Manager 01793 299187

Amy Rowe

Property Manager 01793 299188

Hayley Trueman

Property Manager 01793 299189

Will Gidney

Property Manager 01793 299190

Melanie Dickson

Property Inspector 01793 299135

Delrae Yon

Assistant Finance Manager 01793 299192

Jenna Burford

Property Manager 01793 299193

Louis O’Shea

Property Manager 01793 299194

Lily Dodson

Lettings Administrator 01793 299191

Immy White

Lettings Administrator 01793 299195

Harriet Hurley

Property Manager 01793 299190

Dan Lawrence

Property Manager 01793 299200


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